N-E it's a "multidimensional project" located now in Swiss and United States

N-E considers artistic practice and a sort of "ontological-self" practice as a way of engaging with the world we live in and as an investigative, imaginative, and inventive practice to develop new possible dynamics to discover ourselves. The artistic practices N-E focus on are interdisciplinary, non-authorial, open to collaboration and process driven (not as system). N-E's work traverses actions, theory, and the social sphere.

N-E's activities includes research, production, live music, "multi-layered actions",workshops, forums, digital platforms,  debates, experimental acting, performances, screenings, deep counseling, and publishing. Central to these activities is the support for artist-led projects and other collaborative initiatives, initiating long-term visionary research projects, and fostering meaningful partnerships. Above all, we are committed to sharing with our varied publics both the process and the results of these initiatives in a variety of forms.

The aim of N-E is to contribute to forming and supporting new ways of human expression and possibilities for life for which N-E believes art could play an essential role. N-E it's formed by actors, journalists, activists,  artists, curators, independent researchers, musicians, but also human beings, who are interested in new stimulants and exciting processes. N-E believes in new forms to merge the reality and the inner experience.

N-E it's a sort of "hypernym project", a new step beyond, after the main experimental-demiurgic project called T B S ( T B S "part one" 2008- 2014, composed by "three declared phases": Temporary Black Space/Non-Authorial/Collective Phase /--> Artist as Curator as Organization-Utopic Institution/Project as Mind's Process : People's Attention and Perception /--> Nomadic Office and Contemporary Art as a War of Distorted Informations). M/V Group - a catalyst of non-traditional cultural processes ( founded in 2009, based in NYC, formed by independent researchers), and Zebdt Territory- a virtual community for digital practice (founded in 2011), among others..

N-E it's a program of three “osmotic” parts:

- Organic Laboratory and Nomadic Space (Swiss)

- HQ:Independent Research and Curatorial Project (United States)

- A Survival Practice : Time as Experimental Approach to Life (Digital Time and Real Time)


To access to the free online library of 10,000 ebook (.pdf and .epub) and archive (with all the documentations, concepts, analysis of M\V Group, TBS, Zebdt Territory, and much more..). Write here:  

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